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 In June of 2023, Arch Community Fund awarded 13 grants of $20,000 – $25,000 to support transformative organizing work. “We are so excited to support these innovative, anti-capitalist organizations fighting white supremacy and building alternative economies,” said Alan Preston, Trustee. New grantees include:

Beloved Community Incubator: helps workers create and maintain their own businesses, so that workers control their work, pay themselves living wages, and democratically steward resources together. It is a worker self-directed nonprofit that provides sliding-scale support for worker-owned cooperatives, collective projects, business owners, and freelancers in the Washington, DC metro region.

Beyond Trenches: divests from the current carceral state by reinvesting in the Black incarcerated community through commissary deposits, prison book donations, family stipends, and re-entry and rehabilitation support, and empowerment programs. Beyond Trenches is built upon the foundation of abolition of the current carceral state, which disproportionately affects Black communities.

Common Roots: creates permanently affordable housing that builds wealth and security for low-income residents in Meadville, Pennsylvania. It is member-based and working in partnership with housing services providers, workforce and community development agencies, and other stakeholders to develop a cooperative housing ecosystem that improves housing options, stabilizes neighborhoods, and builds community wealth and resilience.

Coop New Orleans Loan Fund: develops worker-owned cooperatives and the structures to support them, with a focus on poor and working-class Black, indigenous, and immigrant communities. CNOLF ultimately aims to create an alternative to racial capitalism.

ID Organization of Resource Councils: empowers people to improve the well-being of their communities, sustain family farms and ranches, transform local food systems, promote clean energy, and advocate for responsible stewardship of Idaho’s natural resources.

Nativewomanshare: is land held by Takelma and First Nations Women and Two-Spirit for community healing, land healing, art and culture. They see this as a chance for beauty, justice and reparations in action. In a unique time of crisis: COVID-19, White supremacy, ecological crisis and economic crisis, we are of great need for social, environmental and spiritual justice

New York Transgender Advocacy Group: is a Transgender-led organization with a mission to advocate for more inclusive gender-based policies that benefit Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming/Non-Binary (TGNCNB) individuals through building community leaders, educating practitioners, and influencing policy makers. 

People Matter: works to Uplift, Unearth, and Untether people through direct service, political education, and issue advocacy work. By asking/surveying people on what they want to see in their community, People Matter builds projects based on the results obtained from community members. The communities served include Black and Asian communities in Chicago. 

Repair America Collective: is grassroots community organizers moving in solidarity for intersectional healing. The mission is to repair harm in communities by elevating consciousness of humanity through learning, sharing, healing, and celebrating. Repair America Collective has a four pillar approach towards reparative planning that includes learning, sharing, healing, and celebrating. 

United Workers:  is a Maryland-based multiracial poor people’s human rights organization helping to build a movement to end poverty for everyone, everywhere. UW agitates around the belief that basic human needs are human rights and that every person is entitled to respect and dignity. 

We Are Family: is a southern grassroots non-profit organization providing affirming spaces for LGBTQI+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning, intersex, etc.) and ally youth up to the age of 24 through direct support, leadership development, and community engagement. Their vision is that LGBTQI+ and ally youth feel empowered to find their places in the world, in their families, and in their communities.

Youth Activism Project: works to empower young activists through online training and community building; and provides keynotes, trainings and consulting services to youth-led and youth-serving organizations.